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All of our yarn is sourced from the UK, Italy, Ireland, Australia, South Africa and the US, and is mulesing free.

Our Bases

Fated Mates Lace: 2-ply 72/28 Brushed Superkid Mohair/Mulberry Silk, 459yds/1.8oz, 420m/50g

Forced Proximity Lace: Single-ply 75/25 Baby Suri Alpaca/Mulberry Silk, 328yds/1.8oz, 300m/50g

Morally Grey Lace: Single-ply 65/20/15 SW Merino/Silk/Yak, 872yds/1.8oz, 797m/100g

Arranged Marriage Fingering: Single-ply 56/44 SW Extrafine Merino/Superkid Mohair, 393yds/3.5oz, 360m/100g

Enemies to Lovers Fingering: 4-ply 85/15 SW Extrafine Merino/Nylon, 437yds/3.5oz, 400m/100g

High Twist Enemies to Lovers Fingering: 2-ply 85/15 SW Extrafine Merino/Nylon, 437yds/3.5oz, 400m/100g

Grumpy Sunshine Fingering: 3-ply 75/20/5 SW Extrafine Merino/Nylon/Silver Lurex, 437yds/3.5oz, 400m/100g

Morally Grey Fingering: 3-ply 65/20/15 SW Merino/Silk/Yak, 438yds/3.5oz, 400m/100g

One Bed Fingering: Single-ply 90/10 SW Fine Merino/Linen, 393yds/3.5oz, 360m/100g

Smut Fingering: 2-ply 85/15 SW Merino/Donegal Nep, 438yds/3.5oz, 400m/100g

Tortured Hero Fingering: Single-ply SW Extrafine Merino, 437yds/3.5oz, 400m/100g

Tortured Hero Sport: 4-ply SW Extrafine Merino/Nylon, 328yds/3.5oz, 300m/100g

Enemies to Lovers DK: 4-ply 85/15 SW Extrafine Merino/Nylon, 246yds/3.5oz, 225m/100g

MINE. DK: Single-ply 40/40/20 Superfine Alpaca/Merino/Silk, 252yds/3.5oz, 230m/100g

Morally Grey DK: 4-ply 60/20/20 SW Merino/Silk/Yak, 231yds/3.5oz, 211m/100g

Smut DK: 4-ply 85/15 SW Merino/Donegal Nep, 231yds/3.5oz, 211m/100g

One Bed Worsted: 2-ply 90/10 SW Merino/Linen, 196yds/3.5oz, 180m/100g

Tortured Hero Bulky: 2-ply SW Extrafine Merino, 109yds/3.5oz, 100m/100g

Micron Count

What is it? Wool is graded from finest to coarsest based on the American/Blood System, or Micron (µm) Count System. As a doctor, I like the Micron Count system because it is the most objective. It is based on actual micron measurements taken with a microprojection unit. The smaller the micron count, the softer your material is going to be. We list the micron count for all of our wools so you know exactly what you’re getting!

Woolen vs. Worsted Spun

There are two main types of spinning yarn: Woolen and Worsted. What you will typically find out in the world is worsted spun. The fibers are lined up in parallel to the direction of spinning, so you get a smooth, dense yarn that has a nice drape. All of our yarns are spun this way. Woolen spun, however, is the opposite. The fibers are lined up perpendicular to the direction of spinning, so the yarn ends up airy, squishy, and elastic, often with little fiber ends poking out. For more info, check out this great post from Hilltop Cloud.

Yarn Care

I recommend hand-washing all projects in cool to lukewarm water to avoid shocking the yarn. While this generally is not an issue with superwash yarns, I still like to recommend it for the longevity of your project. I prefer to use wool wash that has lanolin, like Eucalan (available in the shop!), for wool-based yarns. Please note some bleeding may occur--all yarns are rinsed until the water runs clear, as well as post-soaked so bleeding should be minimal, however water content in your area may vary which can affect the rinsing. Then, lay flat to dry on a clean towel or blocking mats.


All yarn is dyed and processed in pet-free rooms, in a dog- and cat-friendly home.

Yarn is dyed using food-grade citric acid and post-soaked using Eucalan Unscented Wool Wash so you should not have any reactions to any chemicals or fragrances on the yarn.


I have taken several different measures to do my best to reduce the impact on the environment. I reuse the soak- and dye-water as much as possible, as well as use curtain rings instead of single-use zip ties. Additionally, our packaging is produced from post-consumer recycled content and is 100% reusable and recyclable. The tissue paper and other packaging for local pickup is made from recycled materials and is sourced locally. I also have slightly narrower yarn wraps so I can fit more per page to save paper!


All major credit cards are accepted, as well as the use of ShopPay. I do not accept PayPal. Payment is collected when you check out via my website, and only a completed transaction guarantees you that yarn from the shop.

If you are Canadian, and would like to pay via e-transfer, feel free to contact me! I am happy to accept that method of payment for you, however, a message or email does not hold that yarn for you for in-stock updates or limited pre-orders.

I have also included a currency converter on my website for your convenience--it is located at the bottom of the page.

*Please Note: If you pay in a currency other than CAD, I cannot edit your order. This means I cannot change/add products, upgrade your shipping method, etc. I will have to create a separate order to do these things. It also would be extremely helpful for me if you pay in CAD when placing multiple orders.

Multiple Orders

If you place multiple orders and would like me to merge them, please add a note to your order. If the first order has already shipped, unfortunately there is nothing I can do to combine them. If you place more than two orders, I can merge those too!

Shipping overages—if you place multiple orders or if there is so weird website overcharge, I will refund any shipping overages over $5CAD. If it is less than that, and I can upgrade to the next shipping level, I will do so. All shipping overages will be refunded after your combined order has shipped. If you have placed several orders, you may receive multiple refund payments, as Shopify will only allow me to refund the amount of shipping paid on each order. For larger shop updates, multiple orders will all be merged (unless they have a different delivery address), but a note is still very helpful for me to ensure I do not miss it when I manually go through all of the orders. Also because I manually refund overages, this means I have to manually convert all shipping rates for each order to calculate your overage refund, so it would be helpful for me if you pay in CAD when doing this. (Note: There is no timeline for shipping refunds. As it is very time consuming for me to manually do, it will happen whenever I have time to get to it.) Thank you!


All packages are sent via Canada Post using our post-consumer recycled material mailers and tissue. Typically, in-stock packages will ship out within 2-5 business days of when you place your order. If your order is placed during a larger in-stock update, it will ship within 5-8 business days. This is in addition to the shipping timeframe you see at checkout. The cost of shipping is non-refundable.

If you are local to the Calgary area, use code YYCFREE for Local Pickup in the Northwest. *Please note: Local pickup in Edmonton is no longer available. I will contact you once your order is ready to set up a pickup time.

Domestic Shipping Options (Delivery estimates from Canada Post website--may vary)
Oversized Letter Mail - untracked, Notions Only 
(I can't add this as an option, but I'll refund the overage for you)
Expedited Parcel - 1-7 business days

Xpresspost - Next-2 business days
Priority - Next business day

Please note these shipping timeframes are subject to change based in your location and other factors. Sometimes they arrive sooner, sometimes (like during the holidays) it may take longer. The delivery estimate you see at checkout will be the most accurate (once it has been dropped off at the post office). Unfortunately, once the package leaves my hands, it is out of my control.

US Shipping Options (Delivery estimates from Canada Post website--may vary)
Tracked Packet USA - 4-7 business days
Expedited Parcel USA - 4-7 business days
Xpresspost USA - 2-3 business days, on-time delivery guarantee 

If you are overseas, I have removed the non-tracked shipping options. There seem to be some package delay issues as of late so this will be extra helpful for you.

International (non-US) Shipping Options (Delivery estimates from Canada Post website--may vary)
Tracked Packet - 6-10 business days
Xpresspost International - 4-7 business days, on-time delivery guarantee
Priority Worldwide - 2-3 business days, on-time delivery guarantee

*Please note: Delivery estimates are once your parcel has reached the post office. This is in addition to the time it take for me to dye (if applicable) and pack your order.

As this is a small business, I am not responsible for, and sadly cannot replace, lost or damaged packages. This includes packages sent to the wrong address—I ship to the address provided so please ensure it is correct when you place your order.

If your package was refused or deemed “undeliverable”, you will receive a refund, less shipping and a 7% restocking fee, for your order as soon as I receive the package.

Customs, Duty, VAT, etc.

Customers are responsible for all customs, duty, import taxes, and other fees associated with importing products into their country from Canada. Please note it is illegal for me to mark a package as a gift for customs, so I cannot do this for you to avoid any fees. Consult your local postal authorities for the relevant regulations.


If you are unhappy with your purchase, or if the wrong item(s) was sent, please let me know! I have SO been there and no one should be unhappy with their yarn purchase, so I will do my best to resolve the issue. To return your item(s), it must be within ten (10) days of receipt of the package, and in its original state (i.e. hanked and wrapped; if it has been unwound or caked, it is not eligible for refund). The buyer is responsible for any additional shipping charges/duty fees. There is also a 5% restocking fee (unless it is my error).


At this time, I do not accept exchanges due to the nature of in-stock updates. Please see above for information on returns. If you are interested in trading yarn, I have a destash section in my discord server and I'm sure there are plenty of people who would love to help you out!


If you have need to cancel your order, please contact me via the Contact Us page or email. Due to the nature of pre-orders (I have to buy all the materials based on your orders), cancellations will only be issued due to extenuating circumstances on a case-by-case basis. All cancellations are subject to a restocking fee of 7.5% (subject to change as my overhead changes). This is my business and primary income and I also have bills to pay, so your understanding in this is greatly appreciated.

Custom Orders

I currently do not accept orders for custom colourways. If you would like a sweater quantity of an existing colourway, and it is not available in the shop, please send me a message and I'll see what I can do.


Are you a LYS or just carry yarn from indie dyers? I would love to work with you! Send me a message via the Contact Us page and we’ll see if we can make it happen!

Yarn Support/Collaboration

I love working with other makers and am always open to collaboration. If you are interested in obtaining yarn for one of your designs, please send me a message via the Contact Us page and I will get back to you as soon as possible.