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Daddies Club

January 2024 - December 2024

When I was brainstorming ideas for this year's club with my good friend Leah, she asked "What about daddies?" and I was sold from there. We could all use a little more big dick energy in our lives 🔥🍆🖤 Shop the club here.

Here's how it will work:

-The mystery variegated/speckled and/or tonal 100g hank you receive will be based on the inspiration photo provided. If you get a sock set, it will come with a 100g variegated/speckled hank and an additional 20g coordinating semi-tonal mini hank.

-Each month has a different daddy that I will create yarn for, and each quarter sticks to a relative theme. I also try to coordinate the colours in each quarter, but it is not guaranteed they will match or fade.

-You will also receive, as a little gift from me, a custom progress keeper designed by the amazingly talented Jenn of @muster.pattern

-I will no longer be including a 4x6 postcard for each month's theme


-There will be a monthly or quarterly option. If you select quarterly, it will ship at the end of that quarter. This is a great way to save some money on shipping!

          ✨ January - March

          ✨ April - June

          ✨ July - September

          ✨ October - December

-You can purchase each option individually, or subscribe for monthly or quarterly the full year (no obligation, you can modify, skip or cancel at any time). If you choose to subscribe, you will be charged on the third of each month so you have some time to decide if you want to purchase based on the daddy of the month. Note: You will receive an email reminder 2 days prior to the subscription renewal charge.

-You have 12 options to choose from (prices listed are in CAD and do not include tax or shipping):

          🔮 Forced Proximity (Suri) Lace - Variegated $42 monthly, $126 quarterly

          🔮 Forced Proximity (Suri) Lace - Tonal $40 monthly, $120 quarterly

          🔮 Enemies to Lovers Fingering - Variegated $40 monthly, $120 quarterly

          🔮 Enemies to Lovers Fingering - Tonal $38 monthly, $114 quarterly

          🔮 Enemies to Lovers Sock Set $50 monthly, $150 quarterly

          🔮 Morally Grey Fingering - Variegated $49 monthly, $147 quarterly

          🔮 Morally Grey Fingering - Tonal $47 monthly, $141 quarterly

          🔮 Enemies to Lovers DK - Variegated $40 monthly, $120 quarterly

          🔮 Enemies to Lovers DK - Tonal $38 monthly, $114 quarterly

          🔮 Enemies to Lovers DK Sock Set $50 monthly, $150 quarterly

          🔮 Morally Grey DK - Variegated $49 monthly, $147 quarterly

          🔮 Morally Grey DK - Tonal $47 monthly, $141 quarterly

          *Shipping is usually around $15 depending on where you are and the shipping method you choose.
          **If you subscribed in April or earlier, you locked in the pricing before my increases.

-Shop the club here.


-Sign ups for each month/quarter will be listed the 1st of the month. I will post the inspiration photo, with a colour palette, on Instagram, this page, and the pre-order listing, and it will be available for pre-order for ONE week.

-Once the pre-order closes, I will dye the yarn and then ship it when it's ready, usually no later than the end of the month. (Note: Expect longer ship times surrounding holidays)


June 2024

May 2024


April 2024

God of Thunder (variegated) & Aether (semi-tonal)

March 2024

Daddy Winchester (variegated) & The Colt (semi-tonal)

February 2024

Daddy Dean (variegated) & Idjits (semi-tonal)

January 2024

Daddy Lorian (variegated) & This is the Way (semi-tonal)

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