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Cocktail Club

June 2021 - May 2022

I had the idea for this monthly club probably about a year ago, so I'm really excited to be able to finally implement it!

Here's how it will work:

-The club is seasonal, so if there is a fruit or berry required for the cocktail recipe, it should be in season so you have an easier time finding it in the store or at the farmer's market.

-The mystery variegated/speckled 100g hank you receive will be based on the inspiration photo provided. If you get a sock set, it will come with an additional 20g coordinating semi-tonal mini hank.

-You will also receive a card with the inspo photo and recipe for the cocktail! If you opted for the 3-month option don’t worry, I will include a digital version of this in the email for the cocktail night!


-There will be a monthly or quarterly option. If you select quarterly, it will ship at the end of that quarter/season. This is a great way to save some money on shipping!

          🍸 June - August

          🍸 September - November

          🍸 December - February

          🍸 March - May

-You will have six options to choose from for the month (prices listed are in CAD):

          🍹 Banff Sock - Variegated $34 monthly, $102 quarterly

          🍹 Banff Sock - Tonal $30 monthly, $90 quarterly

          🍹 Banff Sock Set $42 monthly, $126 quarterly

          🍹 Banff DK - Variegated $34 monthly, $102 quarterly

          🍹 Banff DK - Tonal $30 monthly, $90 quarterly

          🍹 Banff DK Sock Set $42 monthly, $126 quarterly

          *Shipping is usually around $10-15 depending on where you are (it can be more to some parts of Canada and depending on the shipping method you choose)


-Sign ups for each month/quarter will be listed the 1st of the month PRIOR to the club. I will post the inspiration photo, with a colour palette, on Instagram and it will be available for pre-order for ONE week.

-Once the pre-order closes, I will dye the yarn and then ship it when it's ready. This way you should receive the yarn by the start of that club's month. (e.g. the June Club will be listed at the beginning of May, and will ship out to you mid-late May for you to receive for the month of June).


-There will be a Cocktail Night the third Saturday of the month of the club where we can all hang out together on Zoom. It will be a low-key Sip & Stitch (you do not have to drink that month's cocktail, or knit with that month's club yarn to participate).

May 2022

Pineapple Rum Fizz (variegated) & Pineapple Flower (tonal)
Full Recipe here!


April 2022

Smoked Rosemary Martini (variegated) & Olive (tonal)

Full recipe here!

March 2022

Tom Collins (variegated) & Sparkling Gin (tonal)
Full recipe here!

February 2022

Fire & Brimstone (variegated) & Charred Citrus (tonal)
Full recipe here!

January 2022

Persimmon Ginger Gin Fizz (variegated) & Persimmon (tonal)

Full recipe here!

December 2021

Irish Coffee (variegated) & Whipped Cream (tonal)

Full recipe here!

November 2021

Chai Old Fashioned (variegated) & Orange Bitters (tonal)
Full recipe here!

October 2021

Voldemort's Dark Serum (variegated) & Burning Sage (tonal)

Full recipe here!

September 2021

Fig Dark & Stormy (variegated) & Black Mission Fig

Full recipe here!

August 2021

Blackberry Thyme Fizz (variegated) & Blackberry (tonal)

Full recipe here!

July 2021

Cucumber Gin Fizz (variegated) & Slate (tonal)

Full recipe here!

June 2021

Margarita (variegated) & Lime (tonal)

Full recipe here!