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Beetlejuice 13 Nights of Halloween - Countdown Box

Happy Halloween!

I really love Halloween and naturally Beetlejuice comes to mind as one of the classic spooky time movies. What better way to celebrate than with a fun countdown box??

Countdown Box Options

-13 Enemies to Lovers Fingering Minis -- 85/15 SW Extrafine Merino/Nylon

      👻 High Twist 2-ply (some people prefer this for socks and colourwork)

      👻 Regular 4-ply (I prefer this for most projects and definitely for texture)

-A custom handmade progress keeper made by Clay Canon

      👻 NOTE: If you just purchase a mug, you will not receive a progress keeper. These are only included with the purchase of a countdown box.

-A custom handmade mug made by Whitney Goller

      👻 NOTE: These will be available separately from the Countdown Box for the overflow listings. If you purchase a mug with a countdown box, it may or may not be packaged in the same box--If the mug needs to be separate, please let me know in note section of your order.

-Each item will be wrapped and labeled with it's designated day for you to open for the days leading up to Halloween. You can absolutely open them all early if you'd like, but please don't spoil it for everyone else.


-Box without Mug = $130 CAD (~$99 USD)

-Mug = $75 CAD (~$57 USD)


-Pre-orders are closed. Extras hit the shop Sunday, September 18th at 11:00am MT and will remain open until they sell out. There is a limited quantity available so don't dally!

-Boxes will ship out by mid-September to ensure you have it in time to start opening mid-October.

Some Inspiration 

Pattern Ideas


-Painting Waves Cowl by @westknits

-Color Craze Cowl by @tamygore

-Leftover City Cowl by @kaceyknits

-Witchful Thinking Cowl by @amyyounggunderson

-The Philosopher's Cowl by @bryonybears

-Bits and Bobs Cowl by @bryonybears (held double)

-Round and Round Cowl by @thecrazysocklady

-Sassy Advent Wrap by @cozyupknits


-Cloudbreak by @mairlynd

-On the Spice Market by @mairlynd (with modification)

-One More Stripe by @mairlynd

-Solaris by @mairlynd

-Rufus Shawl by @vanessapellisa

-Blended Shawl by @leahmdesigns (Free!)

-Free Your Fade by @dreareneeknits

-Advent Mini Scarf by @mermaidspurl

-Brioche Adventure by @madebytollow (with slight modification)

-Stash Dive Scarf by @summer.lee.knits (Free!)


-Aster Tee by @pipandpin

-Sprocket Tee by @pipandpin (release date unknown)

-Vintage '83 by @dreareneeknits

-Macworth by @dreareneeknits (with modification)


-Cold Brew Socks by @loftyloops

-Sprocket Socks by @pipandpin

-Weekend Shorty Socks by @summer.lee.knits (Free!)


-Shiftalong by @dreareneeknits (with modification)


-Witchful Thinking Cowl by @amyyounggunderson

-Intermission Shawl by @addydae_designs