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Wood Elves on Fated Mates (Mohair) Lace

Wood Elves on Fated Mates (Mohair) Lace

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Colourway: Wood Elves

A variegated hank of silvery white, rich teal blue and green with teal and black speckles.

Frodo: "Sam! Wood Elves! They're going to the harbour beyond the White Towers. To the Gray Havens."

Sam: "They're leaving Middle Earth."

Frodo: "Never to return."

To see the inspiration photo, colourway pairings, or pattern ideas, check out the Fellowship of the Yarn page here.

Fated Mates Lace 2-ply 72/28 Brushed Superkid Mohair/Mulberry Silk, 459yds/1.76oz, 420m/50g

Due to the nature of hand-dyed yarn, colours may vary slightly per hank. For larger projects using more than one hank of yarn per colourway, we highly recommend alternating skeins throughout the project to avoid unwanted tone transitions. We have done our best to capture the colour of the yarn as accurately as possible; however, colours may vary from monitor to monitor. After dyeing the yarn, we throughly rinsed and soaked the yarn in a lanolin-based wool wash. Slight bleeding may still occur.

Recommended Care: We recommend you soak your finished object in cool water with a wool wash of your choosing, and block/lay flat to dry, in order to improve longevity. *Avoid drastic temperature changes and excessive movement to avoid felting*